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Pasakangal Aykiz


Kuvana Arakhan Arku


🐾🧿puppies born 22/09/2021🧿🐾


Both parants have exceptional temperaments and conformation, they both have produced a wonderfully exciting litter of 2 boys and 7 girls, they are all a delight and I look forward to watching them develope and mature.

🧿Pasakangal Aykiz has a great loving nature and is full of character that simply makes her unique and a treasure, she brings a tall, solid elegant structure to my lines that we welcome as to add some size into the mix, she has a watchful guard over the goats and sheep, good bark guard yet a people lover once introduced.

🧿Kuvana Arakhan Arku has to be the most well behaved dog at such a young age, he shows exemplary maturity and patience in all things, I have really enjoyed workig with him, I could not be happier that he will be passing that on to this litter.

He has a very stocky sturdy build and huge head and will add a great balance, good bone, overall structure & type to Aykiz pups it will interesting to compare the litter to her first litter with Kuvana Shere Khan, whitch I thought was out standing.

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