Kuvana~Coban Kopegi

PUPPIES ~Up and coming

Kuva as a puppy above with her Dams trophies and ribbons.


Planned litters 2024

Born 03/01/24

5 Boys

2 Females

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Aykiz x Arku 2024 litter

​  Anatolian Shepherd/ Kangal Shepherd Dogs




 This litter is going to be outstanding

previous litter pups same mating



Kuvana Arakhan Arku


Pasakangal Aykiz


both Hip and elbow scored

These two beautiful dogs are exceptional natured, willing, loving, high guard, loyal to home & family and super gourgous.
🌿 Arku is a lovely fawn black mask, with strong substantial bone with great reach and drive, solid build and so patient, a good bark gaurd but not overly so, he is super loving with laidback temperament, from NZ Champion parent & renowned champion lines, we have built confidence & general obedience with good recall. He loves his cuddles and brushes, he has great working ability, guards with care & independence. 
🌿Aykiz is tall for a bitch, well structured with great reach and drive, straight mover with pointing ability, intelligent, clever and funny, she has also built confidence and loves to guard the stock and has matured really well.
Aykiz is a very loving character, she knows & demands what she wants. She dreams alot and snores, opens doors and has her own routine that she likes to keep.
These puppies are going to be both physically well structured with great bone with natural adaptive intelligence for stock and property guard, as well as loving and full of good character


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